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A date that has never been and never will be again.

Little Gretel Restaurant in Boerne, is planning a never-to-be-forgotten dinner for married couples giving them an opportunity of exchanging their vows once again.

It’s a romantic interlude coupled with a nostalgic expression of love.

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Your hosts, Jimmy and Denise Mazal traveled on the original Orient – Express from Paris to Istanbul. Unbeknown to Denise, Jimmy was able to arrange a wedding ceremony on board the train. This had never been done before on an Orient – Express voyage. The train General Manager, Mr. Bruno, kindly agreed to perform the ceremony while we were dinning and somewhere between Romania and Bulgaria, Denise and Jimmy exchanged their vows.

It was an unforgettable moment that we shall never forget.

So exciting was this event that we decided to create an evening for others to enjoy the fulfillment that we shared.

Reservations are now being accepted for this gala event.

A four-course meal is being prepared including a glass of champagne to toast the event and the cost per couple is, you guessed it, $ 112.13 per couple.

The wedding ceremony will be performed by Jason Brown,

and a token wedding certificate will be issued to each couple.

Use this date which occurs once in every century as your unforgettable passionate expression of love.

You can’t wait until Novemer, 12, 2113!  


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