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Originally from Czechoslovakia, Denise began developing her culinary skills from her mother at a young age while living in Prague. She perfected her cooking techniques in restaurants all over the world, learning in kitchens everywhere from Paris, France and Munich, Germany to Boulder, Colorado.

Eventually, Denise and her husband Jimmy Mazal moved to Boerne to raise a family. After her four children were all grown up, Denise and daughter Veronica decided to open Little Gretel in 2009.

Little Gretel – Created with love and passion, like the skilled Czech chefs who migrated for years to Vienna with their Czech recipes, Little Gretel has selected the best, well-tested recipes from Chef Denise’s own heritage in the Czech Republic, family owned cookbooks and invaluable experience in family-owned restaurants in Boulder, Colorado.

The restaurant features dishes from Denise’s past, including many unique menu items such as authentic Czech, traditional German and American favorites not found anywhere else in the Hill Country.

In its first short couple of  years, Little Gretel has obtained several awards including “The Best Business of the Year 2010” & “The Best Business Woman of the Year 2015”, by the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce; the best top 10 Brunches in San Antonio by the San Antonio Express News as well as consecutive year awards from “Talk of the Town”  News/Celebration Media U.S.  Our Executive Chef, Denise, was also honored with the award BEST CHEF AMERICA and much much more.

As we open the door to our restaurant every day, we continuously strive to challenge ourselves to bring our restaurant to a higher level.