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Our ingredients are not only fresh, they are from the heart.


Love and Passion

We love what you do and we do what we love that is our first ingredient.

We are passionate about it.



We maintain a high culinary standard and strictly follow the guidelines with a positive attitude and sense of responsibility.


Best of fresh supply

Where possible, we grow our own fresh vegetables and herbs and purchase our foods from reliable vendors utilizing sustainable products. We “GO TEXAN”



We maintain a healthy and spotless kitchen throughout the working day and are proud of the cleanliness.


Healthy- Use of stainless steel- No fryer

Our cookware is made of high-quality stainless steel from Fisslers in Germany, insuring a perfect meal. (Look for our classes on how to use a Fissler’s pressure cooker).


Our Schnitzels, for example, are prepared in a revolutionary German oven – one which is slowly making its way into the better kitchens, culinary institutes and schools around the country.


Family oriented

Our menus are an enchanting mix of choices for the whole family ranging from Little Gretel’s famous  pancakes, waffles and eggs Benedict to salads, sandwiches and delightful authentic daily specials of Central European countries ending with the highest find of venison steaks, roasted duck and Antelope schnitzels.




Little Gretel’s cooking, mostly European in flavor, is not an easy affair. It takes time and the working methods must to be followed obediently to preserve the rich flavor of our dishes.  Sauerbraten (Svickova), one of our customer’s favorite recipes, for instance, needs a special technique using bacon and then is marinated in its own stock for up to 72 hours.

Price and value equivalent.