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Country Fresh Eggs

All with cottage browns and toast

Substitute Czech Kolaches for toast add $2.00


Two Eggs any Style

A classic breakfast $5.45


Two Eggs with Meat

Eggs any style with choice of bacon, sausage or ham $7.99


Steak and Eggs

Center Cut Filet and two eggs $24.99


Rancher’s Breakfast

Three eggs any style with choice of Regular or Jalapeno Kiolbasa $12.99


Dutch Omelet

Rembrandt’s Favorite!

Three egg gouda cheese $7.99


Van Rijn

Ultimate Omelet

Bacon or ham, gouda cheese and grilled onions $8.99


“The Card Player” Omelet

Spinach, mushrooms, cheese and grilled onions $8.99



Featured Omelet

Ask your server for today’s omelet $12.99

Breakfast Specialties


Poached Egg on Crab Cake

With Vienna brioche and hollandaise sauce $12.99



Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, shallots, with French bread  $12.99


Breakfast Yogurt Parfait

Vanilla yogurt and homemade granola topped with fresh strawberries $5.69

Add fresh blueberries $2.29


French Toast

Vienna brioche bread grilled to golden brown, sprinkled with powdered sugar $6.99



A golden waffle crowned with Chantilly cream and roasted pecans $6.99


Benedict Family


Eggs Benedict

Two poached eggs, grilled Canadian bacon, English muffin, topped with hollandaise sauce $11.99


Lox Benedict

Two poached eggs, lox, English muffin topped with hollandaise sauce $12.99


Kolache Benedict

Two poached eggs, choice of “Wurst” Kiolbasa Kolache or Jalapeño Kiolbasa Kolache topped with hollandaise sauce $12.99


Gretel’s Buttermilk Pancakes

Homemade from scratch. The best in the Hill Country

Served with butter and warm syrup

With Strawberries add $2.25

With Bacon, Sausage or Ham add $2.55

With eggs add $1.45 each


One “Giant” Buttermilk Pancake



Two Large Buttermilk Pancakes



Tall Stack-

Three large pancakes, one egg and two pieces of bacon or sausage $9.25


Hill Country Pecan Pancakes

Two buttermilk pancakes flecked with roasted pecans $7.99


Two Blueberry Pancakes



Two Chocolate Chip Pancakes



Two Apple Pancakes

Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar $7.99


The Gretel’s Bakery



“Würst” Kolaches,

Fresh baked pastry filled with choice of Wurst or Jalapeno $3.49


Czech Kolaches

Fresh baked pastry filled with choice of farmer’s cheese and fruit, poppyseed or plum jelly (povidla) $2.99


Fruit Dumplings

Three homemade dumplings filled with fresh fruit, sprinkled with caramelized brown sugar and melted butter $7.99


Gretel’s Cherry

Coffee Cake

Sprinkled with powdered sugar $5.99


Gretel’s Apple Strudel

With Chantilly cream $6.99

With ice cream add  $2.79


Hansel Kisses

Angelic meringue filled with coffee cream and rolled in roasted almonds $5.99


Today’s Featured Pastry

Ask your server for today’s special



The Drinks

Coffee or Tea $2.49

Caffe Latte $2.99

Espresso $3.29

Cappuccino $3.99

Ice Tea $2.29

Flavored Tea $2.99

Soda $1.99

Milk $2.29

Chocolate Milk $2.59

Hot Chocolate $3.59

Lemonade $2.99

Flavored Lemonade $3.59

Apple Juice $2.99

Orange Juice $2.99

Cranberry Juice $2.99