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All the recipes at Little Gretel have Denise’s prevalent influence and “Old World” flair.

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Some of our most popular specials:

*Menu subject to change, please call 830-331-1368 to verify Today’s special.

Hungarian Goulash

Slow simmered, very zesty, medium sized chunks of beef, blended with sauteed diced onions and a rich Hungarian paprika sauce, served with fresh spatzle or Czech bread dumplings

Roasted Pork, Kraut and Dumplings

Juicy, tender roast with homemade sauerkraut, served with fresh spatzle or Czech bread dumplings

Chicken Paprika

Tender pieces of chicken breast cooked in rich Hungarian paprika sauce, served with spatzle or Czech bread dumplings


By popular demand, we are offering and array of juicy loin-cut pork Schnitzels each prepared in its own European fashion.

Sauerbraten and Dumplings

Beef marinated for 36-72 hours in white wine with a variety of root vegetables and selected spices, then slowly roasted and served with a zesty cream sauce, Czech bread dumplings and cranberry sauce with chantilly cream

Gretel’s Prime Rib

Gretel’s rosemary slow roasted prime rib served with mashed potatoes and horseradish cream sauce


Daily specialties:


Word is out that Little Gretel’s pancakes are better than Martha Stewart’s!

You will have to be the judge for yourself.

Our pancakes are light, fluffy and moist and can even be served without syrup.

Our apple pancakes are sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, just like chef Denise’s mother used to do.

Hint: If possible, let the batter rest for a few minutes to allow the baking soda and baking powder to perform their magic.


There is one thing for certain and that is that there are probably as many recipes for kolaches as there are grandmothers!

Based on an article in the “Texas Monthly” (March 2012), the kolaches you find at Little Gretel are the kolaches made and served in Czech Republic.

Traditional Czech kolaches are not square, nor pillowy! They are dense, golden brown and round! So, next time you’re in Boerne, try our traditional Czech kolaches filled with farmers cheese with fruit, poppy seed or plum jam.

Hint: In the preparation of Kolaches, they need time, warmth and love. There is an old saying: “When the baker breaks a sweat, the temperature of the room is perfect.”


CZECH us out on The Kolache Trail of TEXAS

Frgal Kolache

Traditional 30cm rounds with beautiful designs etched in the middle. They are truly unique and require time and patience to prepare. For this reason these are only made to order.


Wurst Kolaches

Our savory “Wurst”, “Jalapeño” and “Wurst Sauerkraut”  kolaches are delicious, made with kielbasa sausage.

We should not call these “Kolaches” because we know that kolaches must be round.

In Texas, however, “Wurst Kolaches” are “Wurst Kolaches” and we don’t want to fight with what ya’ll say in the State of Texas!