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 Little Gretel Has Gone Wild

Can you imagine a four day wedding that took place in 1578 in Bohemia served the following:

90 deer, 2130 rabbits, 165 cows, 350 peacocks, 5 135 geese, 5 200 lobsters, 10 209 pike, 4 barrels of caviar, 30 947 eggs, 150 barrels of Hungarian, Austrian, Tyrolian and Spanish wines….and the list goes on.

This is how popular wild game was during that era. We point this out only to emphasize how important Central Europeans felt about gastronomy.

Not that we intend to serve these quantities at one time in Boerne but to inform our patrons of the deep roots of the Bohemian culinary.


Today, wild game continues to be a favorite dish in the Czech Republic.

Chef Denise has been learning from her Czech Chefs (Masters in Wild Game) the preparation and cooking of these old world recipes. She has traveled to Europe and has had her Czech Chefs visit our kitchen every year since 2009.


Chef Denise has now brought her traditional recipes to Boerne serving Antelope, Venison, Wild Boar, Rabbit and much more.  Our high quality wild game meats are purchased from the Broken Arrow Ranch right here in the Texas Hill Country. These wild game animals are truly wild and free ranging feeding on native grasses, berries and nuts over thousands of acres making them naturally low in fat and calories – there is no safer, more nutritious meat.




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