Substitute Czech Kolaches for toast add $2.00
All with cottage browns and toast

Two Eggs any Style
A classic breakfast $6.99

Two Eggs with Meat
Eggs any style with choice of
bacon, sausage or ham $8.99

Dutch Omelet
Rembrandt’s Favorite!
Three egg gouda
cheese $8.99

Van Rijn
Ultimate Omelet
Bacon or ham, gouda
cheese and grilled
onions $9.99

“The Card Player” Omelet
Spinach, mushrooms, cheese and
grilled onions $9.99

Today’s Featured Omelet
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Ranchers Breakfast
Three eggs any style with choice of
Regular or Jalapeno Kiolbasa $12.99


Poached Egg on
Crab Cake
With Vienna brioche, hollandaise
sauce, and cottage browns

Extra crab cake $6.99

Smoked salmon, cream cheese,
capers, shallots, with French
bread $12.99

Breakfast Yogurt
Vanilla yogurt and homemade
granola topped with fresh
strawberries $5.99

Add fresh blueberries $2.49

French Toast
Vienna brioche bread grilled to
golden brown, sprinkled with
powdered sugar $7.49

A golden waffle crowned with
Chantilly cream and roasted
pecans $7.49


Eggs Benedict
Two poached eggs, grilled
Canadian bacon, English muffin
topped with hollandaise sauce

Lox Benedict
Two poached eggs, lox, English
muffin topped with hollandaise
sauce $12.99

Kolache Benedict
Two poached eggs, choice of
“Wurst” Kiolbasa Kolache or
Jalapeño Kiolbasa Kolache
topped with hollandaise sauce


Homemade from scratch. The best in the Hill Country
Served with butter and warm syrup
With Strawberries add $2.49
With Ham, Sausage or Bacon add $2.99
With eggs add $1.45 each

One “Giant” Buttermilk Pancake

Two Large Buttermilk Pancakes

Tall Stack
Three large pancakes, one egg and two
pieces of bacon or sausage $10.99

Hill Country Pecan Pancakes
Two buttermilk pancakes flecked with roasted
pecans $8.99

Two Blueberry Pancakes $8.99

Two Chocolate Chip Pancakes $8.99

Two Apple Pancakes
Sprinkled with cinnamon sugar $8.99


Signature “Wurst Kolaches”

Fresh baked pastry filled
with choice of Wurst or
Jalapeno Kiolbasa $3.49

Czech Kolaches
Fresh baked pastry filled
with choice of farmer’s
cheese and fruit, poppyseed
or plum jelly (povidla) $2.99

Fruit Dumplings
Three homemade
dumplings filled with
fresh fruit, sprinkled with
caramelized brown sugar
and melted butter $8.99

Gretel’s Cherry
Coffee Cake
Sprinkled with powdered
sugar $7.99

Gretel’s Apple Strudel
With Chantilly cream $7.99

With ice cream add $2.79

Hansel Kisses
Angelic meringue filled with
coffee cream and rolled in
roasted almonds $6.99

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