Soup of the Day
Please ask your server for today’s feature
cup $4.99 bowl $6.99

Little Gretel’s Clam Chowder
Traditional chowder made with clams, bacon,
potatoes and cream, in a sourdough bowl $8.99
cup $6.99

Caesar Salad
The traditional recipe with Parmesan cheese and
our homemade Caesar dressing
$6.99 With chicken add $3.99

Salmon Salad
Freshly baked farm raised salmon
mixed with herb mayo, carrots,
celery, lemon and cilantro, chilled
and served on a bed of greens with
avocado $12.99

Crab Cake Salad
Crab cake with homemade tartar
sauce, on a bed of fresh greens
and cherry tomatoes $12.99

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers,
shallots,with French bread $12.99

Gretel’s Cobb Salad
Grilled chicken breast, avocado, crisp
bacon, cherry tomatoes, chopped egg,
blue cheese on a bed of romaine lettuce and a red wine
vinaigrette Half $8.99 Full $12.99

Baby Spinach Salad
Baby spinach tossed in a warm shallot
vinaigrette, topped with crisp bacon,
chopped egg, mushrooms, roasted pecans
and strawberries Half $8.99 Full $12.99

Sauteed in wine with shallots and
garlic butter $12.99


With Side Salad add $3.99
No Splits on items offering Half sized orders.

French Dip Au Jus
Shaved rib eye steak, covered with sautéed
mushrooms, onions, peppers and Provolone cheese
on our freshly baked sourdough hoagie, with Au Jus
Half $8.99 Full $12.99

Monte Cristo
Texas toast grilled golden brown, with thinly sliced
ham, turkey and Provolone cheese, sprinkled with
confectioner’s sugar, with currant jelly sauce
Half $8.49 Full $11.99

Uncle Ruben’s Reuben Sandwich
Thinly sliced corned beef, homemade sauerkraut,
Provolone cheese and Uncle Ruben’s dressing, on
grilled marbled Rye bread Half $8.99 Full $12.99

Classic Burger
Grilled to perfection with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce
and onions on a white sourdough bun, topped with
gently spiced homemade dressing $12.99

Avocado Bacon Burger
Grilled to perfection with bacon, avocado, pickles,
tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mayo and American
cheese on a white sourdough bun $13.99

Mushroom Cheese Burger
Grilled to perfection, covered with sauteed
mushrooms, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, mayo
and American cheese on a white sourdough bun $13.99


Vienna Bratwurst
One Bratwürst with homemade
sauerkraut and fresh spätzle
$13.99 Add a side of extra
Bratwürst $5.50

German Sausage Plate
Your choice of sausages, with
German potato salad, homemade
sauerkraut, mustard and rye
bread. Sausage choice: “Wurst”
Kiolbasa, Jalapeno Kiolbasa,
Smoked Buffalo, Wild Boar,
Venison or Vienna Bratwürst
Two sausages $16.99
Three sausages $19.99

Jaeger Schnitzel
With a homemade rich demiglace
reduced mushroom sauce,
homemade spatzle, or mashed
potatoes and sauerkraut $18.99
A la Natural $18.99
Veal Schnitzel $23.99

Gretel’s Schnitzel
“Viennese” Style
Juicy loin-cut pork, breaded Vienna
style and oven fried, with homemade
sauerkraut and choice of fresh spätzle,
mashed potatoes or Gretel’s fritz $16.99
A la Natural $16.99
Veal Schnitzel $21.99

Rahm Schnitzel
With a creamy white sauce, homemade
spatzle and red cabbage $19.99
A la Natural $19.99
Veal Schnitzel $23.99

Bavarian Meatloaf
Half lamb – half beef! With mashed
potatoes and “Jaeger” mushroom
sauce $17.99

Sauerbraten & Dumplings
(Czech Svickova) Marinated beef in
white wine and spices, with a creamy
sauce, Czech bread dumplings and
cranberry sauce $19.99

“Wurst” on Hoagie
Choice of Jalapeno or “Wurst”
Kiolbasa, with sautéed onions,
sauerkraut, homemade dressing
and cheese on a sourdough hoagie
$11.99 Vienna Bratwürst add $3.50

Beer Battered Cod
Homemade tartar sauce,
sauerkraut and fritz $14.99

Roasted Duck
With Czech bread dumplings and
red cabbage $17.99

Today’s Featured Lunch
Call 830-331-1368 for today’s special


Two German Potato Pancakes
– allow 25 min. preparation time $7.99

Braised Red Cabbage $4.49

Sauerkraut $4.50
German Potato Salad $5.49
Czech Potato Salad $5.49
Cucumber Salad $3.00
Spätzle $4.39
Gretel’s Fritz $3.99

Soft Pretzel $4.49 add cheese